"A thing is meaningful as long as it has to do with glass "

A declaration to the material from one of the most refined Austrian artists (A temporary studio 2017 for „Austrian glass core“, 1. Venice glass week)



A material so much contradictory by itself, even the ways you can work with or just to use it, is a real gift given to mankind about 5000 years ago! Mostly used during the centuries as a decorative art glass luxury style or as an industrial product, in the mid 20th century more and more it became a special material also for artists to work with.

From the sculptural use by StanislavLibensky/ Jaroslava Brychtova in Czechoslovakia to the American studio glass movement with such greats like Harvey Littleton and Dale Chihuly and also European pioneers as Erwin Eisch just to name a few.

Today also glass is used by international renown artists like Ai Wei Wei, Erwin Wurm or Olafur Elias son but for really understanding the complexity of opportunities you have working with glass most of the time it needs skills and the experience. So just think about for a second,