"A thing is meaningful as long as it has to do with glass "

A declaration to the material from one of the most refined Austrian artists (A temporary studio 2017 for „Austrian glass core“, 1. Venice glass week)



Grown up right beside a glass factory in northeastern Bavaria, somehow my path was pretty much determined.
Today my work as an artist is still influenced by the technical skills I brought to a kind of standards throughout the last 25 years trying to understand glass in what it can be used for bringing your inner vision on display. An important but pretty much underrated aspect is trying to look not only at obvious shapes or the surfaces.

You have to have a deeper look!!

And that's exactly what I love about working with glass as a metaphoric medium, expressing my thoughts about what's going on in this world.
Sometimes it feels like glass can be comparable to mankind:

  • Sharp but smooth
  • Strong but fragile
  • Or just many different facettes light can shine through or being absorbed or distracted

Opposites, it's what's really attracts me in my recent work most!!